Midland Mr, Lonely Review

Midland Mr Lonely single cover

The latest single from Midland has now been released. Mr Lonely is the band’s 4th single following on from the the hit single Drinkin’ Problem, Make a Little and my prediction to win the ACM Music Video of the the year award Burn Out.

Mr Lonely is a tribute to tradition country music. The main riff from reminds me a lot of the Dwight Yoakam song Honky Tonk Man and the music is how I envision what going to an old school Honky Tony would be like. Hopefully one day, I’ll visit Tennessee and Nashville and see for myself.

The first verse of the song sets the scene. Its a quick rundown of the type of people that visit Mr Lonely. They are some good wordage and comparisons used in this opening verse. I particular like the lines, “We got bachelorettes dressed up in white, and little black dress divorcees.” Listening to the two sides of the coin works so well for me. I am a massive fan of clever writing and they are lots on offer with this song.

We then go into the chorus for the first time in the song. We learn a little bit more about who Mr Lonely is  Him being the one you want on a Saturday Night, and the number known to a broken heart. My favorite line in the chorus is “Now I ain’t Mr. Right, I’m Mr. Right Now” which again just screams of clever word usage.

The second verse carries on from the first. The takeaway is you can find Mr Lonely everywhere you go and in everyplace you look. We then visit the chorus for a second time before a short final versus. The last section of the song if you don’t treat your girl right then Mr Lonely will be waiting on the other line

We have the final verse and then the song wraps up with “Long live the blues” a consistent theme throughout the song. The line appears in all three verses of the songs before coming to a close.

This is very much an only school Honky tonk song, and I love it. It’s great work from one of my favourite bands. Midland are due to come back to our shores at the end of the year. The 6 day tour runs from December 2nd – December 8th. Tickets are on sale now. You can catch a review of that show later on in the year.

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